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Set Departure Trips:  June 26th – 29th  &  August 11th – 14th.  
Trip Fare:  $1600. per guest.  Four day trip.

Elk Horn Basin is a quiet, out of the way, seldom visited wildland with abundant wildlife populations and gentle landforms that are perfect for horseback exploration.  It is located to the west of Yellowstone Park in the lower elevations of the Madison Range.  The ride into camp is fourteen miles long and takes about five hours.

There are miles of small streams in the basin.  On average they are twenty to thirty feet across.  This is a fun fishery with a variety of interesting waters to explore.  The banks are mostly lined with willow and spruce.  There are cobblestone stretches of riffle and pool, cascades with boulder pocket water and step pools, and some flat meadow sections with fine gravel bottoms and the occasional beaver pond.
The trout here are a pure strain of Westslope Cutthroat.  They range from nine to fourteen inches in length, see very few anglers, and are bold on the take.  A hundred fish day would be normal on this stream for a competent fly fisherman.

Elk Horn Basin contains some of the richest wildlife habitat to be found anywhere in the Yellowstone ecosystem.  Golden eagles, great gray owls and sandhill cranes are frequently spotted. Countless species of western songbirds can be found here.  Moose, buffalo, mule deer, and elk are found here in good numbers.

This is a region rich in western history. Archeologists tell us Native American cultures occupied this area for over 9,000 years.  Our guests often find tipi rings, (cultural artifacts are always left undisturbed) arrowhead chippings and buffalo skulls while out exploring on hikes.
Miles of grassy parks attracted early-day stockmen here as well.  There are countless stories of cattle barons, colorful cowboys, horse-thieves and outlaws associated with the area.

For the horseback sojourner this ride on gentle mountain trails into the Madison Range offers awe inspiring scenery, the opportunity to see a large variety of native wildlife, a prolific fishery, and a relaxing visit to a land rich in western history.

Obsidian Arrowhead
Bison Skull