Day Ride


MEDICINE LAKE OUTFITTERS offers day rides to destinations on the west side of Yellowstone Park. We are also permitted by the Gallatin and Beaverhead National Forests to provide horseback day rides in the Madison, Gallatin and Bridger Mountain Ranges.  These National Forest lands adjoin Yellowstone on the north and west sides of the Park.

RATES:  Full Day Ride:  $300 per person w/ four rider minimum, or equivalent ride fare.

If you are interested in two hour rides ($120) on our ranch along the Gallatin River please visit our trail ride website: 

MLO specializes in small groups and custom full day trips.  We trailer horses from our base in the Gallatin Valley to the day’s trailhead of choice.  Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the trailhead.

We rendezvous at the trailhead at nine in the morning and try to finish our ride by three in the afternoon.  We can schedule shorter duration mountain rides, but cost will remain the same.

You will need to bring a jacket, ball cap,  lunch, water bottle, sunglasses, and sun screen. If you bring a wide brimmed cowboy hat make sure it has a stampede string to keep it from blowing off in the wind and frightening horses.

Do not bring a backpack, we will provide saddle bags.  If you have good rain gear bring that as well.  We would prefer you rode in western riding boots, but we have hooded stirrups on our saddles so hiking boots are okay to wear.

Mountain day rides are available on the national forest as soon as winter snows have retreated and trails have dried.  In most areas this means early June.
Yellowstone Park does not open higher elevation trails to horse use until July 1st.